Guyed Tower, Communication Tower, Made By Sichuan Taiyang Company

Guyed Tower, Communication Tower, Made By Sichuan Taiyang Company

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Guyed towers are support structures for overhead transmission lines to support conductors and lightning conductors. Make the wire meet the distance limit requirements for the ground and ground objects. And can bear the wire, lightning protection wire and its own load and external load.

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The guyed tower is composed of a tower head, a column and a pull wire. The tower head and column are generally composed of a space frame composed of angle iron, which has good overall stability and can withstand large axial pressure. The guyed tower can make full use of the strength characteristics of the material and reduce the consumption of the material. However, the pull line covers a large area, which is not conducive to farmland mechanized farming, so it is rarely used.

In terms of shape, the guyed tower can be divided into the “up” type with the wires arranged in a triangle, the cat head type, the door type with the wires arranged horizontally, the pull wire V type, etc., as well as the longitudinally independent inner pull wire gate tower, etc.


The work of the guyed tower is mainly maintained by the pull-wire. Therefore, the pull-wire and the tower body should be regarded as equally important in the design. The design process is to first calculate the external force acting on the tower, then calculate the cable system, main column, cross arm, and finally calculate the foundation. Under the action of external force, the pull wire will cause the deformation of the ground anchor and the foundation soil of the main column and the sliding of the pull wire parts, so the elongation of the pull wire should be considered when calculating the node displacement of the pull wire.

The angle between the pull wire and the ground is theoretically the most economical with β=45°. However, due to the electrical distance between the pull wire and the wire and the requirement of land occupation, β=60° is generally taken. The mutual included angle α of the cables on the ground plane, for a single-column guyed tower, generally set four pull wires at an angle of 90° to each other.

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