Linear Tower, Transmission Line Tower

Linear Tower, Transmission Line Tower

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Linear tower refers to the pole tower used for the straight section of the overhead line. Its conductors are suspended with suspension clips, pin-type or post-type insulators.

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The Linear tower is located on a straight line. By analyzing the force of the suspension string of the Linear tower, and by controlling the size of the arc sag during design and construction, the tension of the front and rear gears can be balanced. Therefore, the resultant force at the hanging point of the Linear tower is vertically downward, that is, the Linear tower can support the conductors (only bear vertical loads and wind loads). At the same time, the suspension clamp can be freely rotated when the line is running, and the connection between the suspension string and the tower can be freely rotated, so the suspension string can compensate the tension difference at any time at any time. The dynamic balance is achieved by the swing of the suspension string, and the linear tower avoids the longitudinal load of the wire. Only take vertical and horizontal loads (wind loads). In this way, the Linear tower only has the problem of compression, and there is no problem of tension and bending moment.


1. The tower material is very saved.
2. Even if the tower is very high, it is not afraid.
This is why high towers and spanning towers are Linear towers.
Of course, a small amount of longitudinal loads in extreme cases should also be considered in the design of the Linear tower, mainly broken lines and uneven icing.

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2. Service method.
Telephone support: provide 7*24 hours of service, professional and technical personnel will be arranged to locate the equipment fault within the specified time, and come up with solutions, and finally eliminate the fault.
After-sales service contact: Li Song After-sales service contact: 13699459643
3. If the product is found to be unqualified or the material, process, manufacturing, installation, transportation, delivery, etc. do not meet the requirements of the contract, and some tower materials are damaged, our company will provide corresponding materials to the purchasing unit free of charge to replace the damaged and defective towers material.

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