Contribute to Charity

Our company has 16 years of manufacturing experience in transmission line towers, transmission line steel pipe poles, communication towers and other products, and has gradually developed into a powerful enterprise in the industry. At the same time as the establishment of the business, our company is also helping charities.

In the 2010 Lushan Earthquake, our company immediately initiated donations to aid the affected people after the earthquake. In 2020, the novel coronavirus hit, our company donated money for epidemic prevention and control. In 2021, the chairman of our company sponsored a poor but high-achieving college student who will pay her full tuition for university, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Our company is a company with coexistence of emotion and strength, and we are reliable and reliable to cooperate with us. “Attitude determines quality”. Our company firmly believes that if we have a good attitude towards our customers and our products, our company will also produce good products.


Post time: Mar-04-2022