Fire prevention and electricity protection work

Xinhua News Agency reported ”In view of the characteristics of dry winter climate and easy to induce wildfires to damage transmission lines, in recent days, the power grid companies of various countries vigorously carried out transmission lines fire prevention patrol, hidden danger investigation and fire prevention publicity, strengthen line section control and risk management, effectively strengthen transmission lines fire prevention work, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

In accordance with the principle of “prevention first and combination of prevention and control”, the company shall make detailed work plans for mountain fire prevention and power conservation, actively communicate with local governments and forestry departments along the transmission lines, timely clean up the ultra-high trees in the power facilities protection area, and prevent the line from discharging on the trees and causing mountain fires. Reasonably arrange the operation mode of the power grid, do a good job in the event of double or multiple lines occurring at the same time, and ensure that in the event of an emergency, appropriate measures are taken according to the severity and urgency to ensure the safety of the power grid; Strengthen emergency on-duty management, prepare spare parts, emergency repair personnel, materials and materials, and the on-duty personnel pay close attention to the weather changes, strict on-duty discipline, ensure the line operation and maintenance department, emergency repair team and local government 24 hours of communication, form an overall accident linkage mechanism, and ensure that the maximum force to implement emergency treatment in the first time.”

Our company actively responded to the national power company fire protection work. In case of transmission line steel tower, transmission line steel pipe rod line damage, our company can provide new steel tower, steel pipe rod products in case of timely power supply.

Post time: Jan-13-2023