Transmission tower project in no man’s land

The transmission tower project of State Grid in Shaanxi Province was launched in the uninhabited Dashan area. Our company is responsible for the manufacture and transportation of transmission tower products.
The project site is deep in the mountains, uninhabited, and there is no road traffic. After transporting to the Shaanxi material station, it needs to be carried on the construction site by horses. The temperature at the scene was about 10 degrees below 0, and the ground was all snow.

Professional technicians were dispatched to the site to guide the construction personnel and provide after-sales service to the problems that occurred on the site. Our company’s transmission tower products are of good quality, with few missing parts and timely after-sales service.The transmission tower products have been well received by the on-site installation team.

All products produced by our company are guaranteed for life and provide after-sales service.
Telephone support: provide 7*24 hours of service, arrange professional technicians to locate equipment faults within the specified time, and propose solutions, and finally eliminate the fault.

If the product is found to be unqualified or the material, process, manufacturing, installation, transportation, delivery, etc. do not meet the requirements of the contract, and some tower materials are damaged, our company will provide corresponding materials to the purchasing unit free of charge to replace the damaged and defective towers material.

Our company will provide technical services after the contract is signed
If there is any modification to the installation, commissioning and operation technical service plan negotiated by both parties, our company will notify the buyer in writing, and the construction will be carried out after the buyer’s confirmation. In order to meet the requirements of the site conditions, the buyer has the right to propose changes or amendments, and notify our company in writing, and our company will give full consideration to meet the buyer’s requirements as much as possible.

After the contract is signed, our company will appoint experienced technicians to provide technical services on site, instruct the buyer to install and debug the subdivision according to the technical documents and drawings provided by our company, cooperate with the start-up debugging and trial operation, and be responsible for solving the problems of the contract goods. Problems occurred during installation, debugging and trial operation.

Post time: Mar-04-2022