Single Tube Tower, Communication Tower

Single Tube Tower, Communication Tower

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The single-tube tower is a practical and novel iron tower, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small footprint, high cost performance and short construction period. It is currently widely used in mobile communication projects, and its height is generally between 20 and 50 meters.

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Single-tube tower is a self-supporting towering structure for wireless communication composed of a single steel pipe, and its main body is mostly a circular or polygonal section welded steel pipe, referred to as a single-tube tower. The material of the single-tube tower tower body is mostly Q345B, and other auxiliary materials are Q235B. The tower body is a pure steel structure without beautification and camouflage. Common tower types include plug-in type, outer climbing bracket type, inner/outer flange type, etc.

Single-tube tower belongs to the technical field of tube towers, and includes a tower body and a working platform connected to the upper part of the tower body. The tube wall at the bottom of the tower body is provided with a lower door hole, the pipe wall at the position of the working platform is provided with an upper door hole, and the antenna bracket is fixed on the fence of the working platform. In the climbing ladder composed of transverse blocks, the main rod of the climbing ladder is fixedly connected with the supporting frame, and the supporting frame is screwed and matched with the connecting bracket arranged on the inner wall of the tower.

Main Feature

It is mainly used for site coverage in the countryside and rural areas without beautifying and camouflaging scenes.
The structure is simple and reasonable; the appearance is beautiful; the installation and use are convenient.
Area: 9-18㎡.

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