Steel Pipe Pole For Power Transmission, Transmission Engineering

Steel Pipe Pole For Power Transmission, Transmission Engineering

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Steel pipe rods are generally made of steel plates processed by large bending machines, made of high-quality steel plates, and subjected to hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. Mainly used for power transmission construction in cities, towns, streets and other places.
The size and height of transmission steel pipe poles are manufactured according to the voltage class. The rod body is welded and formed, which can be directly installed by crane, reducing manpower, convenient installation and short construction period.

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Compared with transmission towers, transmission steel pipe poles have the following advantages:

1. The steel pipe pole is upright and straight, with high appearance, and can be integrated with urban buildings.
2. The “core skills” of the steel pole: Compared with the iron tower, which uses 4 feet to stand, one foot of the steel pole is enough, so the floor area of ​​the pole and tower is greatly reduced. This feature is particularly competitive in cities where every inch of land is expensive. Especially suitable for urban lines with limited path corridors.
3. The steel pipe pole can be perfectly matched with the road green belt. First, the green belt in the road can be used as a line corridor, and secondly, the line protection area overlaps with the road, so as to prevent the line protection area from encroaching on other land.

But standing on one foot is the biggest advantage of the pole, but it is also his fatal shortcoming. His structural type determines that he cannot bear large loads.

Product Parameter

Product Name

Steel pipe pole for power transmission


Steel Q355B/Q420


Si Chuan Tai Yang



Surface treatment

Hot Dip Galvanised

Place of Product

Sichuan, China

Voltage Grade




Wind Speed



More than 30 Years

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