Substation Structure, 10kv-1000kv, Electric Current And Voltage Conversion

Substation Structure, 10kv-1000kv, Electric Current And Voltage Conversion

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The substation structure is the support structure for the incoming, outgoing and internal wires of the substation.
In the substation, the substation structure plays a very important role, which is responsible for supporting the power lines in and out of the substation. It occupies 50% of the substation and is an important part of the substation.
According to the use, it is generally divided into incoming frame, bus frame, central portal frame, corner frame, and transformer combination frame. Not only the form of the steel structure, but also the shape of the steel structure is determined by the voltage level of the substation, conductors, and equipment layout. The material used for the steel structure is related to the load that the steel structure itself bears.
The steel frame structure has strong bearing capacity, such as lattice type steel column, when used as the incoming line structure of 220kv substation, the ∏ steel frame can be used. Steel frames are generally used in substations with voltage levels of 220kv and above.
The components of the substation are light, simple, easy to install, and also beneficial to save costs. Mainly used for voltage level 10kv-1000kv.

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