Three Tube Tower, Communication Tower, Made By Sichuan Taiyang Company

Three Tube Tower, Communication Tower, Made By Sichuan Taiyang Company

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The column of the three-tube tower is made of steel pipes, and the section of the tower body is triangular, which is a towering steel structure different from angle steel. Applicable height: 40m, 45m, 50m. The new three-tube communication tower includes tower base tower column, cross bar, inclined pole, antenna bracket, lightning rod, and tower column socket device. Three-pipe tower refers to the tower column made of steel pipe, the tower body section is a triangular self-supporting high-rise steel structure.

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1. Using seamless steel pipe as the tower column material, the wind load coefficient is small and the wind resistance is strong.
2. The tower column is connected by the outer flange plate, the bolts are pulled, not easy to be damaged, and the maintenance cost is reduced.
3. The tower column is arranged in an equilateral triangle to save steel.
4. The root opening is small, the floor area is small, the land resources are saved, and the site selection is convenient.
5. The tower body is light in weight, and the new three-leaf cutting board foundation reduces the foundation cost.
6. Truss structure design, convenient transportation and installation, short construction period.
7. The tower type is designed to change with the wind load curve, the lines are smooth, and it is not easy to collapse in case of rare wind disasters, reducing human and animal casualties.
8. The design conforms to the national steel structure design code and tower mast design code, and the structure is safe and reliable.

The Main Parameters

1. Basic design basis: steel structure design code (TJ17-74).
2. Design wind speed: 35 meters per second.
3. Earthquake resistance: level 8.
4. Ice wrap: 5-10 mm.
5. Verticality: 1/1000.
6. Suitable temperature: -45℃-+45℃.
7. Anti-corrosion treatment: hot-dip galvanizing.
8. Service life: 30 years.

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Steel raw materials
Our company adopts raw materials from large-scale steel mills which certified by the state, and strictly controls the quality of raw materials.

Advanced equipment
The company uses advanced equipment and trained workers to ensure product quality.

Hot-dip galvanizing process
Our company has its own galvanized bath, which is produced in strict accordance with the national standard quality requirements.

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