Transmission Line Towers In Heavy Ice Areas

Transmission Line Towers In Heavy Ice Areas

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Because the ice thickness of the line in the heavy ice area is more than 20mm, the static and dynamic ice load is large, which puts forward higher requirements on the strength, stiffness and torsion resistance of the tower.

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The difference between the towers in the heavy ice area and the non-ice area:
1. The material used in the heavy ice area is larger than that in the non-ice area, and the increase of the material is convenient for the protection of electric transportation in the case of icing.
2. The material in the heavy ice area generally contains Q420 material, and the Q420 material is resistant to low temperature.
3. The steel grade is C grade, and the general non-ice area steel is B grade. The strength, compressive strength and mechanical properties of grade C steel are higher than those of grade B.

All the iron towers produced by our company have matching hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts. All the screws in the height of 9 meters from the ground for the poles and towers and the connecting steel bolts below the cross arm are all anti-theft bolts to solve the problem of theft prevention of the poles and towers.

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Transmission line towers in heavy ice areas


Steel Q420B/Q235C


Si Chuan Tai Yang



Surface treatment

Hot Dip Galvanised

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Sichuan, China

Voltage Grade




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